New endorsement for The Diffusion of Military Power

Frank Hoffman, a pioneer of research on hybrid warfare and a noted national security expert, just submitted an endorsement for my new book, The Diffusion of Military Power.  Thanks to Frank for saying such nice things!  Here it is – I have also updated the page for my book on this site to reflect Frank’s endorsement as well:

This is a brilliant synthesis of political analysis, military history and organizational theory.  Professor Horowitz’s highly original approach offers new insights into several critical military innovations, and a lens through which to examine disruptive innovations by major states and nonstate actors.  His Adoption Capacity Theory serves to explain how previous cases of innovation have been abetted or stunted by powerful countries in the past.  This approach will surely become the new standard in the field.  This approach also suggests how bureaucratic inflexibility can retard innovation in peacetime and adaptation during war, offering a means of assessing the likelihood of institutional change and survival in the crucible of conflict.  Highly readable despite the exhaustive research, strongly recommended for all foreign policy students and anyone interested in military innovation.

F. G. Hoffman, national security analyst

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