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Replication data for “Public opinion and the politics of the killer robots debate”

A few people have emailed me asking questions about the data analysis I conducted for my recent article, “Public opinion and the politics of the killer robots debate.” The article was published in Research & Politics, a great new academic journal devoted to “open access publication of the very best cutting-edge research and policy analysis.” Through a grant […]

New endorsement for The Diffusion of Military Power

Frank Hoffman, a pioneer of research on hybrid warfare and a noted national security expert, just submitted an endorsement for my new book, The Diffusion of Military Power.  Thanks to Frank for saying such nice things!  Here it is – I have also updated the page for my book on this site to reflect Frank’s […]

Book release almost here

Paperback copies of my first book, The Diffusion of Military Power: Causes and Consequences for International Politics, are now starting to become available for sale.  You can find it on, Barnes & Noble, or other sites.  The hardcover will be available, as far as I know, beginning on the official release date, August 2, […]