Here you can find paper links and replication information related to some of my research. For data related to my research on leaders and international politics, including the replication data from Why Leaders Fight, please see my Dataverse site.

Data related to: “What Determines Military Victory? Testing the Modern System (with Ryan Grauer),” Security Studies 21:1 (2012), pp. 83-111.

-Appendix: Grauer/Horowitz Security Studies Appendices
-Replication data: Grauer/Horowitz Security Studies Replication Data
-Replication instructions: Grauer/Horowitz Security Studies Replication Instructions

Data related to: “Domestic Institutions and Wartime Casualties (with Erin M. Simpson and Allan C. Stam),” International Studies Quarterly 55:4 (2011), pp. 909-936.

This data is a work in progress. To help aid future research, we are providing *updated* replication files that allow us to include new wars not included in the models we ran for the article. While this does not bring us up through the recent COW 4.0 update, it is a significant addition. All of the results are substantively similar, if not improved, from the models in the paper. The replication file below includes all of the cases where we currently have complete data. If you wish to have the precise replication file from the article, please email me and I will send you the file. Additionally, for those researchers just interested in wartime casualties, we have also posted an extended dataset that has casualties coded for more war participants that dropped out of our models due to other missing data.

-Appendix: Horowitz/Simpson/Stam ISQ Appendices
-Updated Replication data: Horowitz/Simpson/Stam Conscription Replication Data
-Replication instructions: Horowitz/Simpson/Stam Conscription Replication Instructions
-Straight casualties data, by war participant: Horowitz/Simpson/Stam Casualties Data

Data related to: “Nonstate Actors and the Diffusion of Innovations: The Case of Suicide Terrorism,” International Organization 64:1 (Winter 2010), pp. 33-64.

-Appendix: Horowitz IO Diffusion Appendix
-Replication data: Horowitz IO Diffusion Replication Data
-Replication instructions: Horowitz IO Diffusion Replication Instructions
-Replication instructions for appendix: Horowitz IO Diffusion Appendix Replication Instructions

Data related to:  “The Spread of Nuclear Weapons and International Conflict: Does Experience Matter.” Journal of Conflict Resolution, 53:2 (April 2009), pp. 234-257.

-Replication data available here

Data related to:  “Age, Regime Type, and Violence” (with Rose McDermott and Allan Stam). Journal of Conflict Resolution, 49:5 (October 2005), pp. 661-685.

-Replication data available here

Data related to: “When Does Aerial Bombing Work?  Quantitative Empirical Tests, 1917-1999” (with Dan Reiter). Journal of Conflict Resolution 45:2 (April 2001), pp. 147-173.

-Replication data available here

Data on the proliferation of chemical and biological weapons. If you use this data, please cite: Michael C. Horowitz, “Assessing the empirical impact of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons proliferation,” Presented at the International Studies Association Annual Meeting, 2004.

-CBW data available here